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          The Skooper is one of those tools that you don't know you need until you actually have it. I use it for every conceivable waste pick-up task - from leaves on my lawn, acorns and branches on my roof and even for the nasty task of cleaning up wet garbage after a raccoon has tipped over and rummaged through the organic bin.


My neighbourhood is extremely treed and every fall we have to pick-up over 100 bags of leaves. The Skooper halves the time it takes for this chore because of it's simple, yet sturdy and intelligent design - using the Skooper, one can pick up leaves and deposit them into the bag in one motion, without having to hold the bag open. I wish I had invented it!   J.W.T


          I LOVE my new Skooper. I trimmed my rose bushes on the weekend, and used my Skooper. I cannot thank you enough for coming up with a product that is so brilliantly simple and useful. I did not get one rose thorn prick, and was able to quickly and efficiently clean up my yard waste.    R.H


            I am very pleased with the metal Skooper that I bought. The dead leaves from our dying trees were thick on our driveway; and scooping up a huge pile each time to drop them into the yard bags made this the quickest cleanup of leaves that my husband and I have had, ever.  An excellent tool, thank you.                                                                                                              M.M


             I recommend that every home should have a Skooper.
It is a great invention!    

            Just purchased two sets of Leaf Paws... which I am returning for a refund. I purchased a set of Skoopers awhile ago and love them for picking up fact my neighbour borrows them as well. I wanted to purchase more for gifts but could find none at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, etc. so I tried the Leaf Paws which are not nearly as good. While at Lee Valley, I will show them my Skoopers and hope they will carry them as their products are usually very good.  Thanks for making leaf collecting easy.   Sylvia



          Tom and I used your "Skooper" on the weekend and I just LOVE it! It took us no time at all, what with Tom raking and me using the Skooper, to collect seven bags of leaves. It picked up loads of leaves and fits so easy into the garden waste bag.  The teeth is a great addition to use as a mini rake for those leaves not willing to get into the bag! It saved us loads of time and our backs! Our neighbour was watching in awe, so since we were done, we lent it to her and she loved it too.   L.L


            I would like to drop you a short note, on your wonderful product.  I saw you demonstrate your product and I purchased one.  It did its job wonderfully. The real reason I was motivated to write, was I discovered an alternate use, you see, I was doing some plastering and needed a “hoch” (a board a plasterer uses to hold the plaster)...Well, it made an excellent “hoch”. I love when a product not only does what it’s supposed to do, but has many other uses!    F.W

          I bought several of your Skoopers and LOVE them!
The people I gave them to as gifts also think it makes picking up leaves a lot easier!

They are the best invention I've ever seen for scooping up leaves - much better designed than any of the others that seem to be more readily available.  I was at Lee Valley Tools today and saw the version that they are selling. Theirs is not nearly as practical as yours.  It would be wonderful for everyone if you could get Lee Valley, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, etc. interested in selling your product.  I think it would be a big hit with everyone!  Best of luck and thanks for inventing such a great product!


           We purchased this product in the early Spring this year.
I have used it on two occasions. The first time was to distribute and spread 6 bags of cedar mulch around my large garden of perennials.  The Skooper was great, since I could get it into the bag, get the mulch, then direct and aim exactly where I wanted the mulch to go. The second use was in cleaning up the detritus from the Magnolia tree.  In late spring the spent petals fall, and need to be raked up.  Otherwise the lawn would be killed.  Once again the Skooper was perfect. I raked the heavy soggy petals into piles, then scooped the loads into a pail to be emptied into the composter.  It was a lot faster process than what I usually go through.  I could get huge scoops, and the petals did not fall out of the Skooper.  My job was done in record time. The Skooper is a cool idea, and it works for me!



           While I love my garden and gardening in general, managing garden waste is the activity I dread the most.  The constant bending and twisting involved in the movement of leaves, branches, weeds and other debris from one location to another usually drains me of any energy I have left.  Thankfully my Skooper arrived just in time for the Autumn leaf drop.

The Skooper was very easy to handle even with bulky gloves and I thankfully didn't have to read any instructions to figure out how to use it. I thought it was a little long at first but quickly realized that its length allowed me to pick up more materials in one scoop. I was able to pack 11 leaf bags in half my usual time because of my ability to transport large amount of leaves and deposit them quickly in the open leaf bags all in one scoop. Every 'skoop' full of leaves replaced at least 4 hand-scoops and my bending and knees and my back are forever grateful.

Another useful feature was the jagged edge. When you're bending down and scooping up leaves, who wants to resume using a rake to gather up the last little bit if you're already in position.  The jagged side of the Skooper allowed me to scrape up material without changing my stance and was even better at gathering up smaller pieces since the prongs are smaller. The Skooper is a welcome addition to my arsenal of garden tools. So far I have used it to move garden stone/pebbles, leaves, weeds, small branches, mulch and dirt.  

I may even keep it my car trunk during this wintery season as it is sturdy enough for snow removal around my tires if I'm in a pinch. I really love this product and have recommended it to my friends.



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